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GPS Tracking System

Viewtech GPS tracking System offers an easy-to-use monitoring dashboard and precise statistics directly driven from the GPS device of your vehicle. It enables you to determine the exact location of your vehicle and the fuel consumption with a few clicks...

Having a vehicle GPS Tracking system will allow managers to see who is not following the proper route when using company cars. Monitoring unauthorized use will lower the operational costs for the company.
One of the ways to ensure employees productivity is to monitor employees with GPS Tracker. Your employees will be motivated to work harder since they know they are being tracked.
save time and money when your company vehicles and employees are working to their fullest potential, by having smoother business management and an improvement in customer service delivery by using GPS fleet tracking system.

Fleet Trackers and Fleet Tracking System for Business Solutions

GPS tracking solutions are diverse. If you are hoping to solve a labor problem where employees are driving your company vehicles, you probably need a vehicle tracker. If you are concerned about theft of equipment, you might need an Asset or Equipment tracker that is battery powered. When you complete the Fleet Tracking Quote form or give us a call, our representatives will help you determine the right GPS tracking device or devices and the right fleet tracking service to match your business need.

GPS Fleet Management
has never looked this good.

Manage your fleet from anywhere with our mobile-friendly solutions. Tablet or smartphone, Android or iOS—whatever device you use, we have you covered. Our fleet management system is both convenient and extensive, providing dynamic reporting, driver support, and mobile management.

 Improve Customer Experience
 Experience a huge ROI with lasting results.
 Optimize Routing and Manage Load Types
 Manage Drivers, Vehicles, and Equipment
 Monitor Fleet Health with Maintenance Reminders and Alerts

By offering 24/7 customer support clients guarantee that they will receive technical assistance whenever necessary.

Our GPS Tracking System
is suitable for

Personal Tracking
Improve your vehicle security by fitting a GPS TRACKER and benefit from the peace of mind that comes with our market leading stolen vehicle recovery products.
Sales Vehicles
Management solutions for sales vehicles include improved schedule management, lost driver assistance and accurate arrival/departure time predictions by using our GPS Tracking System .
Asset Tracking
In order to minimize loss and damage of business assets, close monitoring and vehicle tracking is critical. With GPS asset tracking, you have better control over these assets.
Delivery Vehicles
Tracking and reporting capabilities allow business owners to improve operations through reduced employee idle time and faster pickups and deliveries.
Heavy Equipment & Trailers
Knowing where your equipment is at all times not only increases job efficiency, but also reduces costs due to wasted time and unnecessary rental costs.
School Bus
Advanced reporting services help track an entire fleet of buses and trucks easily and efficiently. Improving customer service has never been so simple.

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Boost Your Productivity & Increase Safety with Viewtech GPS Tracking Solutions