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GPS Personal Tracking


Personal tracking

Improve your vehicle security by fitting a TRACKER and benefit from the peace of mind that comes with our market leading stolen vehicle recovery products. Unlike GPS only tracking systems, the unique signal emitted by TRACKER units cannot be jammed by GPS/GSM jammers. It also enables the police to locate vehicles even if they are hidden in underground car parks or containers. TRACKER offers products designed especially for cars, motorbikes, caravans and non-powered vehicles too. Choose from a range of TRACKER product options below to suit your needs.

Such is the versitility of Viewtech Tracking system that it can be used to locate multiple vehicles at any time. Just log into our comprehensive Personal Tracking facility and you will see a list of active trackers. You can:

  • View the current position of any vehicle
  • View the positions of all vehicles on the map
  • View a history of where each vehicle has been
  • Set alerts when a vehicle goes in our out of a preset area

Teenage Driving Statistics

In a 2011 study conducted in USA by Liberty Mutual Insurance and Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD), 68% of teens said they had narrowly avoided a crash, and more than half had experienced more than one close call in the past year. More than 2,000 students in 28 high schools were surveyed for this study, which was released on June 13.

Of those who said that they had a close call, 55% blamed other drivers or the weather. However, when asked as to what was happening during the exact time of that close call, 30% of teens said they were speeding, 21% said they were texting and 20% said they were talking to passengers in the car.

Get alerted
Get a various type of alerts depending on your custom configurations
Real Time Tracking
Viewtech can help parents give their teens both freedom and protection
History Playback
Draw routes with different color schemes based on violations at the time

Well Worth the Investment

As children gradually transition into adolescence, one of the greatest fears that parents often face is placing their teenagers behind the wheel of a car. This is a significant event in the life of both the parent and the teen, however, parents now have the tools necessary to ensure their child is responsible behind the wheel. Teen tracking using GPS technology provides a level of security from the convenience and comfort of home using a computer, smartphone or mobile tablet with internet access.

Real-Time GPS tracking systems have to ability to capture and transmit important GPS location data, such as time, position, and even the speed of the vehicle in a matter of seconds. GPS tracking devices, such as LandAirSea’s SilverCloud® overlay the live and historical positions over high resolution satellite images such as Google Maps. This provides a truly user-friendly and intuitive tracking experience.

And since speed is often a major concern for parents, who are the ones that pay for the insurance premiums, alerts can be sent as a text message (SMS) or email when a user-defined violation occurs. In addition to speeding alerts, location proximity alerts can also notify parents of the arrival and departure of their vehicles.

GPS tracking systems have also become relatively affordable over the past few years, offering a simple and logical safety solution for less than a cup of coffee per day. Teen tracking also has the potential to provide some financial benefits as well. Many insurance companies recognize GPS tracking devices as a theft recovery solution and offer a policy discount.